This Stardew Valley mod makes managing your inventory way easier

It’s probably safe to say that, while it’s a useful and challenging gameplay mechanic, inventory management is not always the most thrilling aspect of an otherwise great game. As Stardew Valley fans know well, managing slots crammed full of goods is an important part of growing a flourishing farm, but it can take some work to get all your stuff where it needs to be. Handily, a new Stardew Valley mod helps to make it a breeze.

Creator gaussfire’s aptly named Convenient Inventory mod adds some new features to the player’s inventory, which makes keeping on top of it all a lot easier. As the modder describes, managing your backpack full of materials and other goodies becomes a bit of a repetitive process after a while: “open chest, deposit items, close chest, open chest, deposit items, close chest, open chest, deposit items, close chest…” and so on. But, the modder proffers a handy alternative: “What if you could stow away all the items taking up space in your backpack, instantly, while keeping the important ones?”

The mod adds a new feature that lets you quick stack to nearby chests, which shows up as a new button in the inventory UI. Hit that, and you’ll send your items to – yep, you guessed it – chests lying around within a certain range (assuming they’ve got capacity). It’s not clear what this range is by default, but it seems the mod’s config options let you set this yourself in terms of number of tiles from the player character.

The helpful flip-side of this, though, is that you can also now favourite items with the mod. Using the hotkey you’ve set, you can select the items you’d prefer to hang onto as favourites, which prevents them from being quick stacked, trashed, dropped, ‘organised’ (via the relevant inventory button), or added to existing stacks (again, via the inventory button).

Image credit: gaussfire / Nexus Mods

There are some other config options that let you expand the scope of the mod, too. For example, you can enable nearby buildings that feature their own inventories (“such as mills or Junimo huts”) to also be checked when using the quick stacking option. Another, if enabled, will get the quick stacking feature to “place as many items as possible into chests which contain that item, rather than just a single stack”, as the modder explains. You can also use an option to reveal a preview of all nearby chests ready for quick stacking if you like.

If you’re keen to check out the mod for yourself, you can find it at Nexus Mods at that link. As ever, mod with caution and be sure to check out our rundown of the best Stardew Valley mods on PC.

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