This Stardew Valley mod lets you bang the Mandalorian

This is the way

The Mandalorian modded into Stardew Valley

Are you bored of Pelican Town’s dull rabble of beige bachelors, hoping for someone who is from pastures further afield, handsome, and an intergalactic bounty hunter at the heart of a popular Star Wars show? As ever, there’s a Stardew Valley mod for that.

A modder has brought The Mandalorian and his wee pal Baby Yoda to Stardew Valley. BexTX’s Mandalorian and Baby Yoda NPCs mod introduces the duo as NPCs and adds two new locations, a spouse room, new heart and repeatable marriage events, and other Mando items as a surprise. One of those locations is, of course, the Razer Crest. You can find it parked over at the bus stop.

You’re also getting marriage events that the modder describes as “a li’l spicy”. Once you tie the knot with Mando, you’ll get a chance of triggering a “go to bed event” when you enter the Farm House after 9pm. The events repeat, so you can, uh, pass up on it if you’d rather tend to your crops instead. Each event comes with two possible versions each season, with one of the spring events only occurring during the night of the Flower Dance.

Mando’s spouse room is also left blank, so you can plop whatever furniture you fancy in it – it’s not just his Razer Crest, you know.

Don’t be alarmed if Grogu – Baby Yoda for you normies – disappears if you marry Mando. The li’l mite hasn’t run off – they’re just wandering around the farm as they’ve replaced the current farm animal. Don’t feel too bad about splitting the duo up – Mando and Grogu will still go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays to do what they do.

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BexTX recommends you only use this with a new save to prevent issues. Also, the mod hasn’t been tested for compatibility with other mods, so it may not work with something that edits the Bus Stop. If you’re looking for more instructions on downloading the mod, you find all the details here.

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Top image credit: BexTX/ Nexus Mods