This Stardew Valley mod lets you play fetch with your pets

The world's most wholesome game just got even more wholesome

Stardew Valley

At the beginning of Stardew Valley, you’re asked to decide whether you’re a cat or a dog person. Depending on your answer, a stray version of your pet of choice will suddenly appear in the valley, ready for you to adopt.

In the vanilla game, your canine or feline pal lives a life of luxury. Most of the time, it can be found lounging in the sun, occasionally waking up to receive a bit of attention before dozing off again. Thanks to a new mod, however, your furry friend is about to get a little more affectionate.

Pet Interaction by modder jahangmar is a re-implementation of another, now-abandoned mod. The add-on allows your pet to follow you nearly everywhere as you wander around the valley. Most buildings are a no-go, so your dog or cat will wait for you outside, and it turns out Stardew Valley’s pets are also a little chunky, meaning they won’t fit through single-tile gaps (although they will try to find a different way around).

The mod offers more than just a four-legged follower, however. As you run your errands, it’ll chase after the birds that can be found around the valley. If you’re holding a stick, you’ll also be able to play fetch, which offers a chance to gain friendship points.

You’ll have to be careful though, as splashing your pet with your watering can or accidentally knocking it with a tool will decrease that rating. Thankfully, you’ll be able to pet it in order to apologise. You can check out the mod over on Nexusmods, but be sure to take a look at the installation instructions to ensure a happy cat (or dog).