This Stardew Valley mod is making a splash – literally

The Stardew Valley mod Dynamic Reflections adds reflections to every water surface, but it does much more than that and makes the valley feel vibrant once more

A farmer looks at their reflection in this Stardew Valley mod

A popular new Stardew Valley mod aims to fix a small, but pervasive absence in both the base version and the life game‘s modded expansions: water reflections. If you’re like me, you might not have noticed the lack of reflections in the pond, lake, or ocean as you walked by or casually cast your fishing line. There’s things to do, Jeff Bezos to topple, and marriage partners to win over with the persistent offloading of trinkets, after all. Having seen PeacefulEnd’s Dynamic Reflections mod in action, though, it’s hard to imagine going back to a reflection-less valley.

Quite a few people apparently agree as well. Since the mod debuted on July 8, more than 11,000 people have downloaded it.

PeacefulEnd’s latest Stardew Valley mod adds reflections to pretty much every body of water, and it even adds puddles that form during rainstorms. And yes, these also reflect your character (and have a fun splash effect).

Reflection effects and puddles work in the base game and all modded expansions, including Stardew Valley Expanded, and they even come with a set of modifiable reflection options. Prefer to see a tall, wavy version of yourself staring out of the ocean? Good news.

Probably my favorite new effect in the mod is the shooting stars, though. On clear nights, you may get lucky enough to see comets whizzing by, or if not a comet or two, at least the brilliant panoply of the night sky reflected in the soft ripples of the lake. It’s a lovely little touch that makes nighttime rambles even more appealing than usual, albeit with a slightly higher risk of forgetting to go home on time.

If you’re also in the habit of staying out a bit too late, there’s probably a mod for that in our roundup of the best Stardew Valley mods out now.