Stardew Valley mod channels The Sims style building customisation

A series of Stardew Valley mods bring together modular customisation in the life game, making it feel a little more like house building in The Sims

Stardew Valley mod channels The Sims style building customisation

For a game all about running a farm and interacting with townsfolk, the best Stardew Valley mods let you take these gameplay ideas further in the life game. Customising how your farm is laid out and runs day-to-day is a key part of the expressive nature of the game, just like when building a house in The Sims, so how about a series of mods that enhance your creative options around your town and farm?

Well, this is precisely what a series of Stardew Valley mods from creator Yri do, as you can now get a number of modular options for your farm that help you express a plethora of tiny details across the landscape.

The first of these mods channels nature via a modular tree overhaul, which gives you 24 different colour options, along with the choice to turn trees on or off, and it all works with other foliage mods too. You can also recolour all trees or individual ones. This is a minimal change, sure, but an incredibly welcome one if you want to spruce up the trees on your farm.

Up next is a bigger Stardew Valley mod from Yri, Modular Town Overhaul. This lets you have a similar level of customisation control as the tree mod, but the focus on buildings and the town itself is what really helps it channel The Sims. You can change flower types, roofs, displayed buildings, fences, bridges, lampposts, and much more. This mod is based on the work done by Yellog and Gweniaczek as well, so be sure to check out all their work for even more Stardew Valley mods and customisation opportunities.

If you go over to Nexus Mods and find the pages for both the Modular Tree Overhaul and Modular Town Overhaul you can see all of the customisation options compared and in action too, which should help you decide in advance what styles you might like.

It’s these types of Stardew Valley mods that help continue to give the relaxing game a new lease on life, and help keep players around by shaking up just enough about the game as time flies by. Stardew Valley released in 2016, remember? Which honestly feels like a lifetime ago at this point.

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