This Stardew Valley mod gives you an old abandoned school to fix up

The farming simulator comes with heaps of old things to fix up, here's another

A child hangs out in a modded school in Stardew Valley

A big theme of Stardew Valley is rebuilding. You come to Pelican Town not just to fix up your grandfather’s old farm, but to rebuild your life into something more fulfilling and meaningful. Stardew Valley is, however, more than five years old. While the game gets an update here and there to keep it fresh, we like to check out what the modding community is getting up to keep the game vibrant.

One of the more recent mods to capture our eye is xiddav’s Little Red School House mod, which is also about rebuilding. This one adds an old, broken school to Pelican Town, which you can find near the playground. You’ll need to take fixing it up into your own hands, though, by fulfilling the special orders board. You’ll notice a woodpile near the ruined school, which is where you’ll want to take the items needed for the special order.

Once the school is complete, it’ll hum with life. Penny, Jas, and Vincent will attend, though you won’t see Leo just yet. Xiddav explains that they haven’t met Leo in-game yet, so they don’t want to spoil anything for themselves, which is fair! Oh, and perhaps most importantly, there’s a class hamster called Russel.

You can find this one over on Nexus Mods if you fancy downloading it, alongside instructions on how to do just that. As ever, though, mod with caution.

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Stardew Valley doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The chill farming sim has sold 15 million copies, including five million in the past two years. We may also hear about the Stardew Valley creator’s next game “fairly soon”.

If you’re looking for more of the best Stardew Valley mods on PC, though, then you can follow that link.

Image credit: xiddav / Nexus Mods