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Stardew Valley mod redesigns outdoor maps, adds new places to explore

A Stardew Valley mod looks to overhaul every outdoor map and area, updating the environments aesthetic and adding new places to explore in the farming game

Stardew Valley mod redesigns outdoor areas, adds new places to explore: a small pixelated character stands in the snow, staring at a parked car

Stardew Valley mod ‘Reimagined 3’ looks to completely overhaul the various outdoor maps of the farming life sim game, creating prettier, more interactive areas for players to explore. The appeal of Stardew is still going strong years after its release, with industrious modders working to add to the already great gameplay experience with a huge range of Stardew Valley mods.

Reimagined 3 is a complete map overhaul for Stardew Valley; it aims to make outdoor areas that are prettier and more interactive than what the vanilla game offers, adding new places to explore and extra bits of lore for players to stumble across.

Taken from NexusMods, the creator describes the features of Stardew Valley Reimagined 3:

  • All outdoor maps redesigned + 4 new ones
  • 70+ lore-friendly location messages
  • Special forage areas that spawn uncommon and rare items
  • A lot more hardwood stumps, trees, and berry bushes
  • Access to previously inaccessible, unused areas

The special foraging areas, for me, are the thing that will get the hardcore Stardew aficionados to install Reimagined 3. If someone has the chance to get rare items off the ground, instead of going deep into the mines, they’re going to do it. Hundreds of hours into farming, adventuring, and romancing the entire town are bound to take a toll – you deserve a break.

The improved visuals of the outdoor areas are worth the install space of the mod alone, as well as the new areas to explore. Anything that freshens up my 50th Stardew Valley playthrough is a welcome addition. It has come to my attention writing this that I may have a problem.

There are a ton of Stardew Valley-like games coming out over the next few months, like the day-one Game Pass release, Coral Island. Another life-sim, Disney Dreamlight Valley, is running a selfie competition ahead of its release in September, so check that out if designing your own avatar is something that doesn’t make you want to cry a little.