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You can now play co-op multiplayer in Stardew Valley…albeit unofficially

Stardew Valley

There are two ways to react when a feature you really want is missing from a game you really love. Either you jump on internet forums and tear into the developer behind it for online pats on the back aplenty, or you get cracking on some code and mod the game in question so it more closely resembles what you’re after.

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That’s exactly what one modder decided to do when it was revealed farming RPG Stardew Valley would be without multiplayer for some time to come.

Called spacechase0, said modder has put together a co-op multiplayer that’s free to download that, to some extent, brings the one feature many have been calling out for into play. It isn’t perfect, however, with players retaining separate inventories, skills, and even farmhouse interiors, but it’s nevertheless a valiant effort. Indeed, you can see it running in the gif below.

The man behind Stardew Valley – Eric Barone – is himself planning on implementing co-op multiplayer into version 1.1,though it appears it’s still some way off. A couple of months back Barone asked his publisher to help him implement co-op in play, suggesting it could be a while before multiplayer hits Stardew Valley officially.

Until then, feel free to install the unofficial mod by downloading it here, though of course all mods are installed at your own risk. Note, you’ll need to also download SMAPI and place its contents in your root Stardew Valley install folder first. Also, beware of bugs – the unofficial nature of this mod means there are naturally quite a few.

Thanks PCGamer.