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Stardew Valley’s 1.06 patch lets your other half leave the house

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s new Steam update aims to improve post-nuptial life for your in-game couple, letting you spend even more quality time away from your real life partner.

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When you get married now in Stardew Valley, your partner will have new dialogue to better reflect their personality. Hopefully it’s not too true to real life and you don’t spend the rest of the game arguing about who completes the most household chores.

Another change lets your partner strech their legs. Where before your spouse would be stuck in the house, now they’ll be able to explore beyond their domestic prison… On Mondays. The rest of the time they’ll be too busy watching Jeremy Kyle reruns, presumably.

The full Steam patch notes are as follows:

  • Added unique dialogues for all spouses.
  • Spouses now leave the house on Mondays.
  • Value of most animal products increased.
  • Holly is now poisonous.
  • Missing events problem shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • Minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes.

The game’s developer also told PCGamer,“there will be more marriage improvements to come.” God, I hope so.

Stardew Valley is £10.99 on Steam.