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If you missed the Stardew Valley Steam sale, we’ve got a deal for you

If you missed the brief Stardew Valley Steam sale as part of the farming game's seventh anniversary, you can still get the game discounted on PC elsewhere.

If you missed the Stardew Valley Steam sale, we've got a deal for you

To celebrate the farming game’s seventh anniversary, Stardew Valley just had an incredibly brief but big Steam sale that, like me, you probably missed. If you did though don’t worry, as the game preceding ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier is actually on sale somewhere else for an incredibly similar price.

Stardew Valley is an excellent game, and if you have a friend that already has the farming game’s hooks in them, getting it and embracing the Stardew Valley multiplayer is sure to make the experience all the better.

The brief Steam sale was less than a day long and brought Stardew Valley down by 50% from $14.99 USD / £10.99 to $7.49 USD / £5.49, which is its lowest price ever on the platform. If you missed it though, GOG currently has it on sale, too.

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The problem with the GOG deal though is that we don’t actually know how long it’s on for, so I can’t tell you if it’ll be an incredibly brief one like the Steam sale, or if it’ll last a bit longer around the game’s seventh anniversary.

Anyway, you can get Stardew Valley on GOG at 40% off putting it at $8.99 USD / £6.59 right now, which as mentioned isn’t quite as good a deal as the very brief Steam sale, but it is close. You can pick up Stardew Valley on GOG here.

Stardew Valley developer Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone also released a brief celebratory statement for the game’s seventh anniversary, after he announced that the game had sold over 20 million copies as of last year.

If you missed the Stardew Valley Steam sale, we've got a deal for you

“Today is the seven-year anniversary of Stardew’s launch. Thank you for supporting the game these past seven years and giving me this special opportunity.”

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