Hear The Office theme tune recreated in Stardew Valley – using just music blocks

Now if someone could recreate Scranton, Pennsylvania in-game...


The (US) Office’s theme tune is pretty iconic, ushering in each episode of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company crew’s lives and shenangians in the American TV series. Now, one very creative Stardew Valley player has recreated it in-game – using only the agricultural game’s drum and flute blocks.

User Sosmot has posted a clip on the Stardew Valley subreddit, saying: “I composed The Office theme using flute blocks and drum blocks in my quarantine farm” And despite the limited instrument options, the result is unmistakable – take a listen for yourself below. To create the tune, the player’s lined up a bunch of flute blocks and drum blocks – crafted furniture items with editable sounds – down a little path, then legged it past them to recreate the ditty. Sweet!

The user explains how to change the pitch of the blocks to make the tune in the comments, saying you right-click on them once you’ve plonked them somewhere, then choose from 23 notes. They’ve also shared how to get hold of the items in-game (“You get the recipe for both from Robin (carpenter) after getting to six hearts with her”).

Take a look at the Stardew Valley take on The Office below:

I composed The Office theme using flute blocks and drum blocks in my quarantine farm. Hope you guys like it! from StardewValley

It seems the simulation game’s community on Reddit are big fans of Sosmot’s creation, with the post having scored a whopping 15.2k upvotes as of this story. If you’ve been inspired to make some sweet tunes of your own in-game, you might find this Stardew Valley flute block reference sheet handy, which Sosmot references in the post’s comments.

Now, I second user Impossible_Phase’s comment that next up should be the Parks and Recreation theme. Just imagine its plucky, upbeat sound recreated using the farming game’s little drum and flute blocks, too. Ahh.