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Stardew Valley fans are very excited about transferring boot stats

The farming game's community is having a big 'TIL' moment

What a week for discoveries. A load of Skyrim fans have only just realised that you can skip the fantasy game’s lengthy mining animation, and now the Stardew Valley community is having its own big ‘TIL’ moment. This time, it’s all about transferring stats between booties.

“Today I learned that you can transfer stats between footwear,” Stardew fan eggbynch posts on the farming game’s subreddit. “So I didn’t have to be wearing bright blue mermaid shoes or bright purple space boots all this time? I’m on year six and just figured this out,” they explain, joking that they’re, er, kind of upset about the discovery. Their post includes images demonstrating the feature, which it seems has let them transfer the added defence and immunity buffs from a pair of custom-made tailored leather boots to some (also custom-made) tundra ones.

The post has already amassed a whopping 9,900 upvotes as of this story, and the comments are chock-full of other players also just discovering this nifty trick now. “I learned this from reading your post if that makes you feel any better,” user Tarilyn13 says, and that reply alone has got 3.9k upvotes from others clearly having the same ‘TIL’ moment. There are a whole bunch of other similar comments, too.

If you’re curious how to do this, you’ll need to place the pair of boots with the stats you want on the upper right spool at the tailoring station, and the boots you want to transfer them to in the lower left (where you’d usually chuck the cloth). This will consume the item you’ve put in, but will imbue your chosen boots with its stats.

TODAY I LEARNED that you can transfer stats between footwear??? So I didn’t have to be wearing bright blue mermaid shoes or bright purple space boots all this time? I’m on year 6 and just figured this out? Honestly kinda pissed lol from StardewValley

It’s not the only discovery fans are making, either. In their thanks to the original poster about the find, user Metaforeman highlights another handy trick they recently discovered about how to reorganise the museum’s collection – you interact with the reception desk’s pages – and a fair few players have been blown away by this info, too. It’s all very lovely and wholesome.

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