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The next Stardew Valley update is made for modders

Eric Barone said he has at least two more Stardew Valley updates in the works, and the first one is meant to make life easier for modders

A new Stardew Valley update is coming, and it’s made for fans and makers of Stardew mods. Game creator Eric Barone made the unofficial announcement on Twitter in response to a question from RetroBoyYTBruh asking whether fans can expect new updates and if Haunted Chocolatier is in any way connected to Stardew Valley. RetroBoy asked about two future updates, and Barone actually confirmed that he’s working on both Stardew 1.6 and Stardew 1.7, though what they may contain is still a bit of a mystery.

“1) 1.6, yes. But it’s mostly a modding-focused update (makes modders lives easier),” he said. “There will be some new content but it won’t be huge. 1.7? Who knows.

2) Yes, but I haven’t decided how deep the connection will be exactly. I want Haunted Chocolatier to have its own identity.”

The Stardew Valley mod scene is already healthy and vibrant, with dozens of new mods added to NexusMods each week. These range from texture packs and new character portraits to extensive content updates, such as Solid Foundations, a mod platform where creators can add their own creations to augment the game.

We highlighted Bulk Processing previously, a mod that takes the grind out of using makers, but shortly after Solid Foundations went live, other packs came along too, including one that adds a mystic sheen to your buildings.

Or you can just turn Sebastian into Estinien from Final Fantasy XIV, because of course you can.

In short, Barone making the mod process even easier for creators could seemingly open the door to more inventive spins on the life sim, and that’s something to be excited about.

If you’re not sure where to start with mods, our collection of the best Stardew Valley mods is a good place to start, and we’re rather partial to the Animal Crossing mod that makes the valley’s citizens a bit friendlier.