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Starfield brings back The Elder Scrolls’ most annoying NPC

A new Starfield video featuring Todd Howard reveals that The Elder Scrolls’ most annoying NPC, Oblivion’s adoring fan, returns for the Bethesda space RPG game

Starfield - the adoring fan from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - a grinning male Bosmer with tall, blonde hair

The latest Starfield video has revealed that The Elder Scrolls’ most annoying NPC is set to make a return in the Bethesda space game. As fans wait for news of the Starfield release date, a hidden tidbit in a brief glimpse at the Starfield traits screen has revealed one particularly terrifying return. While there have been plenty of irritating characters in the likes of Skyrim and Fallout, none can top the endlessly, hauntingly grinning face of the adoring fan from classic RPG game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

For those of you fortunate enough to not have his gurning visage burned into your memory for all time, the adoring fan is a follower from Oblivion who joins you on your adventures after becoming grand champion of the Cyrodiil arena. He’s a grinning, cheerful Bosmer with a torch and a rather spectacular mound of bright yellow hair who boasts no use in combat, but instead follows the player around incessantly, praising the very ground they walk on at every possible opportunity. Even death doesn’t stop him, as he’ll show up again just a few days later.

As revealed in the latest Todd Howard Starfield interview ‘Constellation Questions,’ one of the many traits on offer during Starfield character creation is ‘Hero Worshipped’ – which says that “You’ve earned the attention of an annoying ‘Adoring Fan’ who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly. On the plus side, he’ll give you gifts.” Oh no…

To be fair to the presumed newcomer, at least they can give you gifts. Oblivion’s adoring fan doesn’t offer you anything beyond platitudes, a little light, and a friendly smile. Oh, god, the smile… Please, enough of that smile. Personally, we’re not sure that we can face the idea of having a relentless obsessive following us around all of the 1,000 Starfield planets. But if that sounds like a great time to you, then it looks like you’re in luck.

You can see the trait in the video below, at the 3:17 mark:

YouTube Thumbnail

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