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Starfield event could reveal more information about the Bethesda RPG

An Australian Starfield event could reveal some more information about the highly anticipated Bethesda RPG, as well as the Elder Scrolls 6 and more

Starfield event could reveal more information about the Bethesda RPG: An astronaut in space looking down at the camera while floating upwards into a circular light

A big Bethesda in-person event in Australia might hold some Starfield news, as the upcoming space RPG game hasn’t had much in the way of new information, gameplay, or a pre-order date recently. I’m sure places like the Starfield Reddit will detail exactly what goes down and what the event can tell us about the game.

Called “Worlds of Bethesda”, the event will be held in Melbourne, Australia and offer excited fans the chance to step into the developer’s open-world games, old and new, and experience tailor-made interactive experiences.

There’s not going to be any gameplay though sadly, as Bethesda make it clear that “these non-gameplay experiences have all been tailored to allow passionate fans to step into the worlds they love so much.”

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if places like the Starfield Reddit, which is already debating what the event will show, is flooded with details after the Bethesda event runs from October 7 to 8.

It appears as though “interactive” in this case refers to pre-built experiences that you can go and take a look at, as the event summary says it “will transport attendees to a Tamrielic tavern inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online, a Reclamation Day dining area inspired by Fallout, a planetary exploration and anti-gravity space room inspired by Starfield, as well as the survivor HQ in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts.”

As noted by Press Start, there will even be themed food and beverages, so expect Sweetrolls and Sugar Bombs to go up on eBay for extortionate prices in absolutely no time.

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