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Starfield at Gamescom may still happen, as Bethesda alters plans again

Starfield at Gamescom may still happen, as Skyrim and Fallout developer Bethesda again changes its gameplay trailer plans, ahead of the Starfield release date

Starfield at Gamescom, as Bethesda alters plans again: a character from the space RPG Starfield speaks to the player about the Starfield faction, Constellation

Starfield at Gamescom may still be a reality, as Skyrim and Fallout developer Bethesda seems to once again alter its plans for a Starfield gameplay trailer at the expo in Germany, as we eagerly await further news on the upcoming space RPG, and a possible Starfield release date.

As we previously reported, Bethesda initially invited Gamescom attendees, via a post on its developer blog, to “come see Redfall and Starfield gameplay and get your hands on Fallout 76 while you’re there”, referencing not only its upcoming space adventure, but its apocalyptic online shooter, and the vampire FPS in development by Dishonored maker, Arkane. This original post was later changed, however, telling players to “come see a replay of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase gameplay presentations for Redfall and Starfield,” seemingly confirming that any Starfield footage at Gamescom would simply be from the first gameplay trailer released back in June.

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Now, though, Bethesda seems to have changed its plans once again, as the same developer blog has been once again altered, this time to remove mention of Starfield – and Redfall – altogether. Fans can apparently still get a photo with Vasco, the RPG’s robotic companion, but there is nothing at all about Starfield gameplay, new or old. On the one hand, this could confirm that there will be absolutely no Starfield, in any form, at the trade show in Germany. On the other, it could be that Bethesda is planning a surprise reveal, separate from the original gameplay trailer. Starfield fans are uncertain.

“Hopes…rising? Falling? I’m so conflicted,” writes a user on the Starfield sub-Reddit. “Two options,” writes another. “Someone f***** up and put it there even though they’re not showing it (most realistic version), or they’ve removed it to surprise us when it actually shows up.”

“Normally I’d say this means no Starfield,” says a third fan, “but I’m reading this as a sign that maybe they’ll be showing off some new stuff.” We can only hope, Starfield sub-Reddit. We can only hope.

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