Starfield will have more hairstyles than Fallout 4, based on science

Starfield, the upcoming Bethesda RPG game, will seemingly have more customisable hair than in Fallout 4, based on some smart observation and deduction.

We’re all mentally preparing our own Starfield characters. How will they look? What will they wear? What will be their background? But with the Bethesda RPG game just around the corner, and the Starfield Direct even nearer, it seems the space sim has the edge on its cousin, Fallout 4, in one very niche, but very important way. Using objective observation and deductive reasoning, it’s been discerned that Bethesda’s latest will allow for a large variety of hairstyles, helping Starfield character creation to really go with a bang(s).

Analysing the Starfield gameplay footage that we saw last year, it’s been observed that – during the character customization segment – one can find a few sliders towards the bottom used to alter hairstyle, colour, and so on.

Zooming in on these sliders reveals that they are segmented, and from there, one intrepid Starfield researcher, who goes by the Reddit username ‘Harrison Allen,’ has deduced precisely how many options there will be for specifically female hair in the Bethesda open-world game.

Starfield will have more hairstyles than Fallout 4, based on science: Starfield character customization sliders showing different options for hair

“Based on the position of the slider for hair 19, I’ve worked out that Starfield has roughly 47 to 51 female hair options available,” Allen explains. “47 is a more conservative count based on the hair color slider’s rightmost position (just in case sliders don’t actually go further than that), but if it’s filled all the way we get 51.”

By comparison, the base game of Fallout 4 allows for 26 different female hairstyles, though several more were added through later DLCs. So, Starfield will seemingly let you experiment with your hair a bit more, and hopefully give you sufficient options that you can make them look however you like. 1,000 planets, 51 hairstyles – and this is before we’ve even got to Starfield mods. It’s going to be a busy game.

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