You can explore the Starfield map (in a basic way)

A fan-created Starfield map navigator allows interested players to explore and play around in the RPG's revealed star systems, for anyone who likes space math

A spaceship sails in the stars in a far more impressive way than this Starfield map navigator but we're using it for illustrative purposes anyway

Do you want to explore the Starfield map but don’t want to wait until the 2023 release date to have to do it? Are you more of a fan of star maps and mathematical distance calculations than all that tedious mucking about in hyperspace? Good news then, this fan-made Starfield system navigator is for you.

We’re still finding out about Starfield space travel between its thousand-odd worlds and MechWarrior-esque ship combat, but with the game’s delay to 2023 we might have a while to wait for proper information on how moving between systems will work.

Based on the information we have on the space game‘s revealed systems comparative to their real-world counterparts, user i_need_a_fast_horse has posted an early iteration of their Starfield navigation tool on Reddit. It shows a star map along with around 75 systems – which you can play around with to work out distances between stars, best warp-jump vectors, closest neighbours, connections based on light-years, and more. You can even activate a little 3D fly-by “trailer” – which really needs some relaxing space music behind it.

The program’s creator says “the tool is still in heavy development and a bit rough around the edges” but they are planning to continually update it between now and Starfield’s release. “Once the game releases, the correct positions of all systems will easily be extracted,” they confirm. Go check it out, it may be the closest you’ll get to playing in the world of Starfield for a while.

We can’t wait for Starfield, although there are some missing elements of space travel that are a little frustrating.