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New Starfield mod revamps its economy with huge, realistic overhaul

This new Starfield mod revamps the in-game economy with bank accounts, loans, a stock market, and a better interest rate than the US.

Starfield mods are the saving grace of Bethesda’s RPG. From turning the Settled Systems into Star Wars, to adding a plethora of immersive fixes to the universe, there’s already so much you can do with the game. If you’ve beaten the story, modded it, and don’t know what to do next, this new mod will give you something to do with all those credits.

‘StarFinance’ is a Starfield mod that completely revamps the in-game economy. Created by ‘0xDezzy,’ you’re suddenly saddled with a bank account, loans, interest rates, and even a credit score in the RPG. Head to an ATM and deposit all the credits weighing you down, or dress to the nines and go to New Atlantis to ask for a loan so you can buy that ship you’ve always wanted – just don’t tell them it’s for piracy.

Starfield’s code means bank accounts have a limit of 2,147,483,647 credits in the mod, but a goal of two billion is nothing short of aspirational. The interest rate is even set at a staggering 5%, and that’s just for putting your money in a bank, not any sort of savings account. For context, the US rate of inflation has been hovering around 3% since July 2023. This means StarFinance already has a better interest rate against inflation than we do.

Starfield mod economy loans: a UI screen from Starfield giving you all your banking options

“In the future, this interest rate will be variable and will change depending on various factors that influence what I call the economic factor,” 0xDezzy writes. “The economy factor will eventually be modified based on various factors which I have yet to determine but it will adjust over time due to certain events and thus create a variable interest rate that will be applied to the funds in the bank account.”

If managing your own credit score in real life wasn’t enough, StarFinance gives you another one. You need to apply for loans and pay them back on time for your score to go up, with the score going back down if you miss a payment or are outright denied money by the bank.

StarFinance has a lot more planned, with the early development leaving out some big additions. Default consequences like bounty hunters chasing you down to collect debts, a dynamic stock exchange, property rentals, and even mortgages are all on the way.

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The StarFinance mod is available on the Nexus right here. To get started go to the GalBank Tower in New Atlantis and interact with the data terminal. Deposit 1,000 credits to open an account and then you’re off, space debt is at your fingertips.

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