Starfield outpost building just got some incredible improvements

This new Starfield mod makes outposts and base building more in line with the options you have in Fallout 4, and there's even more coming.

Starfield mod outposts: an image of an open air plan living space, on a planet surface, with the sun beaming through the top right of the frame with a man stood in front

Compared to the base building mechanic in Fallout 4, Starfield outpost building is a bit of a letdown. With ship combat and customization at the forefront of the space game, it makes perfect sense that Bethesda focused on making the new mechanic as comprehensive as possible, but if like me you wanted better outpost and base building, this mod is for you.

Starfield mod B.A.S.E (Building Advanced Space Encampments) gives you a lot more freedom with your base creation in the Bethesda RPG game. Creator ‘LixZg’ says “You can now build an actual building, from the foundation as a base floor, with individual wall pieces, windows, stairs, floors, and roof.”

All of this happens from within the pre-made Bethesda Starfield outpost building mechanic too, so it’s incorporated right into what you’d already be using.

You can see the B.A.S.E mod in action at the three-minute mark in the roundup video from ‘AZZATRU’ below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Similar to how the mechanic works in Fallout 4 you’ll use a large concrete foundation to have a flat space where you can then place all the individual smaller pieces, with stairs, multiple types of walls, openings for doorways, and many more types of structures to come to the mod, too.

Floor and roof tiles can also be placed down with ease, and all of Starfield’s furniture can included, too. LixZg says their items should all snap together without much trouble, too, but adds that if you download other mods for extra items you might have a bit of trouble getting it to work smoothly together.

You can find this Starfield B.A.S.E. mod right here, with more improvements coming from LixZg over time like complete catwalks, more staircase variations, more angular and circular pieces, and even prefabs – the ability to make and save your one objects in the game.

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