Starfield mods hopefully “robust and fun” say Skyrim mod makers

With mods sure to follow the Starfield release date, a group of Skyrim mod makers think Bethesda is going to deliver on mod support with its next RPG game

Starfield mods will be “robust and fun” say Skyrim modding veterans

Just like the Starfield release date, mods for Bethesda’s next big RPG game are a ways off. While modding libraries like Nexus gear up for the colossal space exploration game though, there are also plenty of smaller creatives, many of whom make some of our favourite Skyrim mods after all this time, who have a lot to say about what we can expect from Starfield mods when they finally start coming down from orbit.

This excitement for Starfield mods is part of the reason we spoke to the Skyrim Extended Cut team, who’re working on another of Bethesda’s biggest open-world games in an attempt to revamp the main story quest of Skyrim. They don’t have anything outright planned for Starfield, but like many of us they’re hopeful, and have good reason to be.

“We can’t really say much about Starfield right now given that it hasn’t been released yet,” the Skyrim Extended Cut team tells PCGamesN, “but a new IP from Bethesda sounds pretty cool, and the development of Creation Kit 2 is a healthy indicator that modding tools for Starfield will be robust and fun to experiment with.

“Our hope is that Bethesda takes advantage of the new mechanics and systems in the game – plus the updated dev tools on the backend – to make Starfield their most modding-friendly game yet, and we’re excited to see where that goes.”

So if you’re super concerned about Starfield mods, take it from the experts, it’s all looking up for Bethesda’s next game. The big man himself (I’m talking about Bethesda director Todd Howard of course) has even come out in support of Starfield mods, talking about what the team plans to do to help the modding community.

“Our plan [is] to have full mod support like our previous games,” Howard explains. “Our modding community has been with us for 20 years. We love what they do and hope to see more make a career out of it.”

None of this means that Starfield mods don’t exist yet, they just happen to be part of different games. Like a Starfield release date t-shirt in Cyberpunk 2077, or a Skyrim mod that adds a short Starfield story and gadgets to Bethesda’s seminal RPG game.

If you want to learn as much about Bethesda’s next game ahead of release we’ve got a large number of guides built on what we’ve been shown, including a Starfield persuasion system guide, a look into the Starfield traits system, and a comprehensive Starfield interview with a former developer as well.