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Less than 2% of Starfield mods on the Creations store cost money

The launch of Bethesda’s Creations store has led to much consternation over paid Starfield mods, but most creators are avoiding a price tag.

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If you’ve been concerned that a flood of paid Starfield mods might follow the introduction of the Creations store to the Bethesda RPG, it seems they’re in the minority. The new modding store has led to much controversy and consternation among the community due to the ability for modders to place a real-money price on their creations, but it appears most creators are eschewing the option.

The Steam review score for Starfield has plummeted in the past two weeks, falling to a ‘mostly negative’ 24% for recent reviews and a ‘mixed’ 59% overall. This follows the launch of the Creations store, a Bethesda tool designed to make sharing and downloading the best Starfield mods a lot quicker and easier. Launched on Sunday June 9, it’s already racked up just shy of 1,000 mods for the space game.

While many of these mods are available for free, the ability to set a price on others using Creation Credits, a Bethesda currency sold for real money, has led to a Starfield backlash over paid mods. Despite the resulting panic, however, the vast majority of offerings on the Creations store are available to download completely free of charge – so far, at least.

The good folks over at dedicated database StarfieldDB have done the calculations, and it turns out that, almost three weeks since its release, the Creations store features 938 mods for download – just 18 of which require Creation Credits to use. That means less than 2% of the total mod collection have opted to place a price tag on their work.

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So how much does it cost to buy all Starfield paid mods? StarfieldDB explains that purchasing all of them requires 7,300 Creation Credits. That’ll set you back $74.85 / £74.85 if you keep buying the 500 Credits pack, or $74.98 / £64.98 with a spare 900 Credits left over should you choose to opt for the larger-sized Credits bundles.

That means you’ll pay a little more than the $69.99 / £59.99 price for the base game if you’re of a mind to buy absolutely everything that’s currently on sale for real money on the Creations store – but not much more. Of course, it’s still early days yet. Perhaps we’ll see an uptick when the Starfield Shattered Space release date arrives for the game’s first DLC, but only time will tell.

In addition, a Starfield Steam sale gives you 33% off the game through Thursday July 11 – expect to pay $46.89 / £40.19 for the base version of the game, or $69.99 / £60.19 for the digital premium edition. Alternatively, you can also play at no additional cost via PC Game Pass, if you have a subscription.

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