Starfield has a photo mode

A Starfield photo mode was just confirmed in the Xbox and Bethesda showcase gameplay reveal, in case you want to take some pretty pictures of distant stars

There's a Starfield photo mode, and Vasco is thrilled

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase brought with it the first good look at Starfield gameplay, but it also confirmed a surprising but welcome feature – a Starfield photo mode, so you take pretty pictures of distant galaxies in the eagerly-awaited space game.

The Xbox 2022 showcase finally revealed a lot of amazing details about Bethesda’s next exciting RPG game after Skyrim and Fallout, with a big chunk of in-game footage and confirmation of many features – like ship customisation and space combat, or the ability to fly and land those ships anywhere on over 1,000 planets.

However, you may have overlooked another welcome feature coming to Starfield – a built-in photo mode is confirmed. Previous Bethesda RPGs have not had this useful and much-requested screenshot feature, and the likes of Fallout 4 only got a photo mode thanks to modders. However, a close look at the scanning during the early parts of the Starfield gameplay footage clearly shows a button labeled “photo mode” – so the handy feature will be available on day one.

Check out the gameplay footage below – look closely at around the 2:49 mark for the photo mode option.

YouTube Thumbnail

Starfield didn’t get a new release date at the show, but will be available on Game Pass in early 2023.

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