Starfield Reddit, thirsty for news, begins debating space sex

Starfield Reddit, deprived of news, details, and a fresh gameplay trailer, has opened a debate on the ‘romantic’ possibilities in Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG

Starfield Reddit, starved for news, begins debating space sex: a spaceperson from Starfield in full spacesuit talks to the player character

Starfield Reddit has become a slightly arid place, as fans pick through scant rumours, details, and footage from the first gameplay trailer trying to find clues about Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG. They say if you deprive a society of just three meals, it will collapse. Perhaps it is also true that if you withhold news from a gaming subreddit, it will inevitably start debating sex.

“We see this in, like, literally every big AAA RPG nowadays,” writes one Starfield fan, “from Mass Effect, Dragon Age to Witcher. Even that Terminator game has sexy scenes in it for you to choose. Yet I always found it funny that Bethesda continued to keep their games so PG-rated even until this day.”

If you check out our guides to Starfield skills and Starfield traits, there are dozens of ways to customise your own, intrepid space person, though the possibility of ‘romance’, and how certain characteristics might affect that, has yet to be officially revealed. If we look over the Starfield mods that we want to see, admittedly, we haven’t included any that are related to – how should we say – going supernova, but fans might argue that some of the best Skyrim mods and best Fallout 4 mods are created specifically with that in mind. Nevertheless, that’s a far cry from Bethesda implementing zero gravity love as an official feature, and some Starfield fans are less than impressed with that possibility.

“The only one that ever looked right was Liara in the first Mass Effect game,” explains one Starfield Redditor. “That blew my mind. Never seen something like that in a game. But every other game? Nope. Stiff, no emotion, no feeling.”

“You claim it makes sense from a marketing standpoint,” argues another Starfield fan, “but it absolutely does not. Starfield will sell with no issue whether it has sex in it or not. The majority of gamers aren’t lonely people who rely on pixels to get any sort of gratification, that’s just an outdated stereotype.”

Other commenters, however, are more open to the idea of Starfield sex, suggesting possible ways that it might be illustrated and deployed by Bethesda’s team of animators.

“They should be like the ones in Fable 2,” says one Starfield Redditor, “fade to black and cheesy dialogue.” “I think the closest you’ll get,” replies another, “are the docking sequences when boarding another ship.”

Whether or not the game will feature scenes of a passionate comportment, we are still waiting for news on  the Starfield release date. In the meantime, we do, however, have a good idea about the RPG’s various locations, so be sure to check out our guides to Neon City and New Atlantis, two places where it’s possible you will find the romantic partner of your subreddit dreams.