Starfield showcase date possibly teased by Bethesda

The Starfield showcase date, where we expect to see more of the Bethesda RPG game, may have been revealed, as we await news on the full game.

The Starfield showcase date has possibly been teased by Bethesda. Previously, we expected more on the RPG game immediately following the joint Microsoft and Bethesda event in January, but so far, despite a few hints, nothing regarding the space sim or the Starfield release date has been announced. A cryptic message from an official Bethesda channel, however, may have just changed that.

A previous message on the Bethesda Discord channel suggested that the Starfield showcase event was unlikely to materialise in the near future, as the Skyrim and Fallout developer was still in the process of “sorting stuff.” With the open-world game still expected to arrive at some point during the first half of 2023, naturally, we’re hoping to see a lot more, including a confirmed release date, in the next couple of months.

Now, a tweet from an official Bethesda account offers the possibility of the Starfield showcase arriving in April. Writing to the official Xbox Sweden account, Bethesda Nordic shares a mysterious, but potentially meaningful message: “Hey @xboxse, are you hyped for our date on the April 21? We promise it will be good!”

Starfield showcase date possibly teased by Bethesda: A tweet written by an official Bethesda account offering potential details on the Starfield showcase date

Possibly, this could relate to Bethesda and Arkane’s upcoming vampire game, and the imminent Redfall release date. Alternatively – and here’s hoping – it could point to a date for the Starfield showcase. Or it could be nothing. But with Starfield apparently guaranteed to arrive before the end of June, surely the showcase must be just around the corner.

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