335 days from release, Starfield is now up on Steam

Starfield now has a Steam page, 11 months from its release date.

Starfield is up on Steam at last

It’s been a long wait but Starfield finally has a Steam page – confirming the RPG’s release on the popular storefront. “The first new universe in 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios” releases exactly 11 months from today and the Starfield Steam page is up for you to wishlist – with a lot more to come, it seems.

Exactly three and a half years since its reveal and with just under a year to go before the game’s release, we knew that it was definitely getting a PC release but now Bethesda’s epic new RPG Starfield has finally been confirmed as getting a Steam release too – by way of the game’s own Steam page, which is now live at last.

Don’t expect any massive revelations on the Steam page just yet, however. It reiterates that Starfield is indeed a single-player-only RPG, which Bethesda stated shortly after its original reveal in 2018 anyway. Other than being able to wishlist Starfield, the biggest use of the Steam page right now is as a hub of future information.

The community pages and Steam discussion forum are now up – and some fans are surprised at the lack of multiplayer – and Bethesda has attached both of its recent Into The Starfield episodes to the game’s page now too, so it’s worth paying attention to and wishlisting the Starfield Steam page specifically to get updates like this when they go live in the following months.

Starfield is one of our most anticipated upcoming games for 2022 and will hopefully distract Bethesda from re-releasing Skyrim again for at least a few months.