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Hellblade 2 artist creates Starfield inspired Unreal 5 demo

Ninja Theory artist Pasquale Scionti - currently working on Hellblade 2, it seems - has made a gorgeous Starfield demo in Unreal Engine 5 inspired by Bethesda

An astronaut looks over a barren planet in this Starfield demo made in Unreal Engine 5

Unfortunately, we’re now even further from its release date, but that hasn’t stopped an artist at Ninja Theory from creating his own Starfield demo in Unreal Engine 5 – before we’ve seen any gameplay of the eagerly-anticipated RPG game, in fact.

Pasquale Scionti is a senior lighting and LookDev artist currently working at Ninja Theory on Hellblade 2, which you may recall looking absolutely gorgeous in this gameplay demo last December. In his spare time, Scionti likes to create Unreal 4 and 5 demos to showcase what popular games could look like in the engine, such as Silent Hill or Elden Ring.

In Scionti’s latest demo, he basically made his own Unreal Engine 5 space game, which he says is “inspired by Mass Effect and Starfield”. The results are stunning, showing a character in a Starfield-like astronaut suit exploring a planet similar to Mars, as spaceships buzz overhead and a robotic drill-like machine prepares to mine in a nearby lake. Scionti describes the demo as a work-in-progress, which – judging by his previous works – means he’ll probably be adding more to it in the future.

You can check out the full, beautiful video below, and then get upset that we only have a short teaser and a few bits of concept art to go on with Starfield so far. With any luck, it’ll look just as good as this.

Despite the recent delay to both Starfield and Redfall, hopefully we’ll still see gameplay of both games at Summer Game Fest next month.

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