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Starship Troopers RTS gets new DLC and sends you back to the bug hunt

The bugs just won’t stop coming so take the fight to them in this city based slice of DLC for Starship Troopers Terran Command, out now.

Starship Troopers RTS gets new DLC and sends you back to the bug hunt: A marine from Starship Troopers yells as he goes into battle.

It’s an amazing thing that now, so many years after its release, Starship Troopers is having a resurgence. With games like Starship Troopers: Terran Command, Starship Troopers: Extermination, and even cousins like Helldivers 2, fascist bug hunts have never been more popular. Now, the first of these has just launched its second DLC, taking the action to somewhere Starship Troopers has rarely explored – the city.

In Starship Troopers: Terran Command – Urban Onslaught, the colossal metropolis of Mahanagar is under attack by those dastardly bugs. Friendly jackbooted police officers have been attempting to stem the tide of insectoids but it’s all proved too much, it’s time for the Mobile Infantry to prove its worth. The RTS game has proved enduringly popular since its launch back in 2022 and now, with a few twists up its sleeve, it’s about to get bigger and better.

Spread over nine missions, this new expansion tasks you with driving back the bugs in a dense urban environment. You’ll be assisted by the police who’ll be able to pepper foes to limited effect, though their abilities to draw attention, tank attacks, and call in reinforcements may prove just what you need in the heat of the moment. Speaking of reinforcements, you’ll also have access to four new units, including a gunship that’ll give you the air support you need.

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It looks like developer The Artistocrats is slipping a little tower defense game into the mix too, with the introduction of some turrets that can be activated to provide much needed firepower. It’s not all good news though, as the bugs have evolved into Bursters, Hornets, and Ravagers all of which can spell a swift end to your campaign if you don’t prepare accordingly.

Given how Starship Troopers: Terran Command excels in line-of-sight RTS combat focusing on unit placement and fire arcs, relocating to dense urban environments seems like a great way to challenge your skills. To be honest, it all sounds a little terrifying, as I can easily imagine turning a street corner into a chittering hive of bugs all waiting to pounce.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command – Urban Onslaught is out now with 10% off until Tuesday June 25. Head over to Steam to check it out for yourself.

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