Isometric horror point ‘n’ click STASIS released on Steam today


It’s a bit of a slow day on the AAA hyper-news front, so here’s an indie game that looks fairly cool. It’s STASIS, a long-in-dev horror game about a man that wakes up from the titular long sleep to find the space station he’s on hurtling towards the cloudy surface of Neptune and certain death. Unsurprisingly for us and rather annoyingly for him, there’s also the remains of the various illegal genetic experiments that have been conducted on the station wandering around, attempting to eat his brain and/or limbs.

I’ve had my eye on it for a while, mostly due to the looks. The pre-rendered backgrounds are wonderful and it’s nailed the creepy atmosphere and mix of terror and mystery in every trailer I’ve seen. A survival-horror game that plays at the pace of a point ‘n’ click is also appealing, though it will be interesting to see how brotherly pairing Chris and Nic Bischoff have handled death within that system. Particularly with the addition of what they’re calling ‘challenging puzzles,’ frustration could set in easily.

There’s been quite a long lead-up time to release, with an Alpha demo available for some time. Reactions to it and the Steam release have so far been quite positive, from what I’ve seen. More info and the game over on Steam or GOG. It’s going for about £15 on each.