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State of Decay and Fable are selling for pennies in Green Man Gaming’s Microsoft sale

State of Decay began life on the Xbox, but has since found plenty of willing survivors on Steam.

You wouldn’t know it to watch their E3 thingummy last night, but Microsoft are starting to take PC games seriously again. Just last week Phil Spencer talked about upping the company’s “gaming presence on Windows”. And in the last year, they’ve quietly been releasing updated versions of the best games in Microsoft’s RTS archives: Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology, and Age of Empires II.

Perhaps in recognition of those fledgling efforts, Green Man Gaming have made Microsoft their publisher of the day. Fable’s going cheap, alongside State of Decay and the Age Of games. And you can make a few pennies playing them too.

GMG has another face: a gaming-focused social network named Playfire. It’s currently running a beta for a feature which takes Xbox achievements to their logical conclusion: real, monetary reward.

In-game progress is rewarded with small amounts of GMG store credit, at 10p, 25p and 50p increments. The idea is that once you’ve played several Steam games with your Playfire account open, you’ll have saved up enough to get another decent game on sale.

Speaking of which, here are the headlines deals in GMG’s current sale, available until 10am BST tomorrow.

State of Decay – 75% off

Was £14.99

Now £3.74

Age of Empires II HD – 75% off

Was £14.99

Now £3.74

Age of Mythology HD – 40% off

Was £22.99

Now £13.79

Fable The Lost Chapters – 80% off

Was £6.99

Now £1.39

The Maw – 85% off

Was £8.99

Now £1.34

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Contrast, Euro Truck Simulator Gold, Men of War Assault Squad, Omerta City of Gangsters: Gold Edition

Pick four in Multibuy of the Day for £20

Eurofigher Typhoon, The Political Machine 2012

Available in the GMG Sim Double Pack for £4.11

FootLoL, Actua Soccer 3, Speedball 2 HD, Penguins Arena, Vertiginous Golf

Available in the GMG Game On Bundle for £14.28

Humanity Asset, Space Farmers, 0rbitalis, Stella Impact, Lunar Flight

Available in the GMG Final Frontier Bundle for £12.34

How to Survive, Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, Rekoil, Takedown: Red Sabre

Available in the 505 Bundle for £9.99

There’s some great radioactively diminished prices going on in Valve’s corner as well: all of Half-Life for £6.74, and everything Left 4 Dead for £5.74. Y’know, in case you don’t own those games a few times over. Anything else we’ve missed?