DayZ creator Dean Hall sets a September release date for new game Stationeers


Dean Hall, the mind behind DayZ, has set a release date for his space game, Stationeers. If everything stays on track it’ll be out in September. 

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“Our current plan is to release in September,” Hall says on Steam. “However, this date would be delayed if we do not think the game is ready. We will communicate this if it happens, and the reasons why. I just think we should be a little more public now about our expected targets, as it also helps internally put a little pressure on the team.”

So don’t be surprised if you see that date slip a little. Mind you, even if it does hit September, that’s not the game’s full release – it’s the Early Access release date. There’s no word on when it’ll leave Early Access just yet.

Hall says Early Access is good for gauging interest in the game, so they can build out the scope depending on that interest. Like DayZ – Hall’s other in-development game – Stationeers is a survival game, though this one isn’t about zombies, it’s about space. You’ll be killed by running out of air, or forgetting to pressurise a room, as you try to build your space station. Check out the trailer above for a better idea.