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Steam beta update displays your DLC in a sensible and orderly fashion

Steam Beta DLC

Steam’s beta client has once again struck its users with another new feature, this time centered around simplifying DLC. Users opted into the beta will now see any DLC they own for a game via their library, rather than having to shuffle through multiple menus, or visit the Steam store.

It’s all rather pretty, and you’re only a couple of clicks from receiving the same treatment if it tickles your fancy.

The new menu will feature on any game within your Steam library, letting you know what DLC you own, and if it’s installed or not. It will even tell you when you bought any DLC, so you can be reminded how many days it’s been since the last Steam sale.

  1. If this is something that you think you need in your life, then just follow these simple instructions to spruce up your client:
  2. Click on the Settings menu in the top right of the Steam client.
  3. Go to the Account Tab.
  4. Under “Beta participation”, click the drop down menu and select “Steam beta”.
  5. Restart Steam, and enjoy the latest goodies from Valve’s smartest.

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Jezcentral avatarNick Wilson avatarnu1mlock avatarUntoldAv3nGer avatar
Jezcentral Avatar
3 Years ago

Can it tell the difference between a Season Pass and I-bought-all-the-stuff-separately?

Nick Wilson Avatar
3 Years ago

I don't think the technology is quite here yet for that ;)

nu1mlock Avatar
3 Years ago

I don't like this at all, at least not the way it is presented right now. There's nothing wrong with the feature itself, but I personally don't want it at the top. I would prefer it at the bottom of the page, under "recent news".


If they refuse to move it, I would want an option to disable it. Knowing which DLC I own isn't really something I care about until I visit the game's store page anyway.


I mean, sure, it let's me know which DLC I own for Payday 2, for example, but what's important is what content I do *not* own.

UntoldAv3nGer Avatar
3 Years ago

I like it :)