Steam Client beta update tweaks In-Home Streaming

Steam In-Home Streaming update

Those of you participating in the In-Home Streaming beta on Steam, you crazy kids with your multiple PCs and acceptance of eldtrich magic which allows you to stream games between two computers, might notice a few changes, recently added in the latest beta client update. 

It’s okay if you haven’t, there’s a list. 

  • Fixed Steam client discovery on Windows systems with multiple network interfaces
  • Fixed audio capture on Windows Vista
  • Fixed a crash in multi-threaded D3D10/11 games like Tomb Raider
  • Turned on the Steam overlay for streaming even if it’s off in the settings
  • Fixed mouse cursor visibility in the Steam overlay
  • Fixed mouse cursor teleporting after being hidden and re-shown by the game
  • Improved accuracy of latency measurement for asynchronous capture methods
  • Fixed issue on Mac OS X where pressing Escape would pop the streaming client out of fullscreen mode
  • Audio is muted on the remote computer while streaming
  • Pressing Guide+Y to toggle the stats overlay no longer brings up the Steam overlay
  • Added support for DXVA2 video processing for accelerated display on Windows

There you go. Changes! Several of them.

Some general client fixes also slipped in there. You can see the whole list here.