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Steam Community beta now available to all. Beware: boobs


What makes a community? Is it those little ‘Community Lookout’ signs on lampposts with the ever-vigilant meercats, always on the watch for criminal or anti-social behaviour in South London? Yes, that’s precisely what makes a community. But what makes a Steam Community? People who play games, that’s who/what. With this in mind, Valve have just thrown open the doors to the freshly redesigned Steam Community beta, meaning any old Steam user can now investigate the joys of game hubs, group updates, image walls, nicknames and other friend-focused features. Get involved, if you like.

Already, game hubs are turgid with community-generated screenshots and videos, with particular attention being paid to, well, some of the more lurid screens in gaming. The Witcher 2 has taken pride of place atop the list of most popular game hubs this week, with its most prominent screenshot displaying no fewer than twonaked pairs of lady hubs. Maybe moderation is a feature to consider for the releasedversion of Steam Community, Valve?

And I certainly don’t remember that playable character being in Counter-Strike. Sigh.You can join the Steam Community betanow, if it’s still a community you’d like to be part of.