The Steam Controller is heading to Gamescom, according to Valve’s exhibitor profile

Steam Controller

According to Valve’s Gamescom profile, we might be getting a look at the new, redesigned Steam Controller at the Cologne expo next month. 

The profile lists what specific companies and exhibitors plan to show off, and in Valve’s it has “controllers” in the “components/accessories” section. The trade show runs from August 13th to 17th, but will only be open to everyone from the 14th.

The original Steam controller was unveiled almost a year ago, but has undergone a redesign since then. I can’t say I’m going to miss it, as using it was absolutely bizarre.

The redesign sees the touch screen removed, and extra face buttons have been added that evoke a more traditional controller.

Back in March, Valve released images of the new controller, but development seems to be slow. The delay of the controller has also lead to the delay of the Steam Machine, as well.

Delays of the hardware and controller prompted Alienware to turn their would-be Steam Machine into a Windows 8 living room PC.

Cheers, IGN.