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Steam Curators now have to tell us if they were paid to recommend a game

Steam Curators

Steam Curators are part of Valve’s plan to help players sift through the gazillion PC games on their service - individuals or groups who’ll recommend games to appear on your front page.

The idea has already yielded results - allow me to surreptitiously slide a link to the PCGamesN Curator page across the desk between us - but early critics worried that the curation system was open to exploitation by unscrupulous developers. That a Curator’s critical judgement might be informed by, say, a crisp £50 note faxed through to their study.

Valve have wised up to that possibility, and now require Curators to disclose conflicts of interest in their recommendations.

The rule can be found at the very bottom of Steam’s explanatory page about Steam Curators.

“We have a couple of rules that govern the use of the Steam Curator feature,” write Valve.

“If you’ve accepted money or other compensation for making a product review or for posting a recommendation, you must disclose this fact in your recommendation.”

So nobody’s precluded from making a career out of paid recommendations to Steam users - but we’re going to know all about it if they are.

Anybody can be a Steam Curator. They’re each tied to a Steam community group, and will publish reviews based on their own tastes. As a user, you can dig up Curators with interests similar to yours and make their recommendations a part of your home page, where you can comment on and rate them.

How’ve you found your new front page, with the discovery queue, updated search system and all that?

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Spoonz avatarMrJinxed avatarunwanted avatarShriven avatarTim Edwards avatar
Spoonz Avatar
3 Years ago

Good job too! A recommendation given for money is so meaningless to the reader it may as well not even be given at all. Any credible recommendation would be drowned beneath all the sponsored ones too. So, its good to know Steam has made this decision.

Also, HELLO! I'm new here, having moved on from Rock Paper Shotgun. :)

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Oh, are they advertising which Curators said it was good even if you dont have them on your list?

That needs to be changed.

MrJinxed Avatar
3 Years ago

I hate the new layout. I wish they would let you customize the layout instead of forcing it on us. I personally don't care about most of the things on the front page except for daily deals and what's new on steam.

I do like the new recently updated for early access titles, but I don't care about recommended for you, and I especially don't care about curators. I really dislike Total Biscuit, so I don't want to see him popping up on steam as a curator for me and telling me what games I should buy, every single time I want to check out the steam store.

He's not on the generic list right now for me, but there's some Asian thing where I don't understand the letters, a group called HODOR where there are reviews with nothing but "hodor hodor hodor", and some other groups I'm disinterested in.

I'm not crazy about the whole queue thing either, but I have to scroll down through all that nonsense every time I want to see the daily deal. I hope they come to their senses sometime and fix it.

unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

Yes to everything you said.

I was scrolling down the page and saw Jim Sterling recommend a game. I don't care what you have to say. Why are you even on my screen? I didn't ask for your input. Then, It's completely random as to who will show up to tell you that this game is "great". We need a way to choose who we want to listen to.