Steam Deck “Q1 2022” buyers will receive their emails in March

All Q1 customers should get their Steam Deck order emails next month, Q2 buyers will start getting them in April.

The Steam Deck Q1 2022 ship date is next month, if you don't have it already.

By now the Steam Deck, Valve’s first real attempt at a proper portable PC, should finally be in the hands of some customers – however, there are many people left to go. Fortunately, Valve has revealed the Steam Deck Q1 2022 order dates for when customers can get their hands on the new gaming hardware – and Q2 isn’t far behind.

The Steam Deck release date was down for last Friday, February 25, so as of now Valve’s much-hyped attempt on the portable gaming market has officially launched. Hundreds of Steam games are now marked verified or playable, including major new releases like Elden Ring – which also released yesterday.

However, while a fair number of people have managed to get a Steam Deck for launch, many other pre-order customers have not and are still just down for a “Q1 2022” shipping date. Fortunately, Valve has now clarified what this means, and all “Q1” customers should get their Steam Deck order emails by the end of March.

If you haven’t received a Steam Deck at launch, the next batch of order emails will go out Monday, March 7th, and then will proceed weekly with the goal of getting all Q1 customers theirs by March 28. Q2 2022 customers will start receiving their order emails in April, which will proceed in similar weekly batches. As for anyone who is due to receive their Steam Deck later than that, Valve says it “will have news soon for folks in the After-Q2 bucket”.

So don’t worry, every Steam Deck customer will be able to enjoy Truck Simulator together soon.