This Steam Deck case is a neat tribute to Valve’s Orange Box

Not all Steam Deck case options are equal, and this custom carrier references The Orange Box while protecting Valve's handheld gaming PC against the elements

Steam Deck case with orange weathered colouring, Valve logo on front, and red tap at top

A Valve fan has conjured up a custom Steam Deck case, and it pays homage to the company’s iconic Orange Box compilation. It offers up a way of keeping the handheld gaming PC safe, but it’s also a clever nod to classic games like Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

Created by Reddit user DerpinHerps, the Steam Deck case is effectively an Orange Box love letter, and it almost looks like an official Valve accessory. The hard case itself is actually a waterproof storage solution for handguns by Apache, but arguably resembles something Gordon Freeman would find on his travels.

Coincidentally, the original case is already orange, but DerpinHerps has emblazoned it with a bold logo and a weathered finish. The icing on the cake, however, is the red valve on top – a subtle reference to the company’s ‘Valve Guy’ mascot.

Open Steam Deck case with handheld inside next to custom gaming keyboard

The case interior is customised to cushion the Steam Deck while accommodating accessories, including a customised KPRepublic gaming keyboard. The insert underneath houses a series of cables, the best Steam Deck dock, and a Logitech G Pro headset, enabling you to bring your entire setup on the go.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a DerpinHerps project has caught our eye. Recently, they showed off a custom Futurama start-up video that pays homage to animated comedy. Evidently, they’ve got some skill in the customising department, and fan-made Steam Deck Deck boot screens are all the rage at the moment.

Given that the Orange Box just turned 15, this custom Steam Deck case is a fitting tribute. There are other notable examples of people customising their carry case with gaming aforethought, such as the PS2-style Cyberdeck that packs a 1080p LCD display, because even mobile gamers pine for larger screens.