You can now use the Steam Deck like a real Game Boy

Valve's Steam Deck can now run old Game Boy cartridges, as Epilogue's GB Operator device is now compatible with the portable powerhouse

Steam Deck with Game Boy GB Operator device on screen and Castlevania cart plugged in

It’s now possible to explore your old Game Boy collection on Steam Deck, thanks to a newly compatible gaming PC accessory. Dubbed the GB Operator, the attachment utilises original Nintendo cartridges, and also supports Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games.

Designed by Epilogue, the nifty Steam Deck accessory initially bridged the gap between the original Game Boy and your Windows PC. However, a recent tweet from the company says now works with Valve’s handheld. An accompanying image shows the team has plugged Mario Kart Super Circuit into their device, demonstrating USB-C connectivity and a decently sized cable that plugs into the top port.

The GB Operator works in conjunction with an accompanying app, and Epilogue says it works “impeccably” with SteamOS. The accessory itself features an internal emulator that can update and save files, so you should be able to switch between the Deck and the original Nintendo console without losing progress.

Steam Deck hooked up to GB Operator GHame Boy adapter with Super Mario Kart on screen
Image Credit: Epilogue

When asked on Twitter about the possibility of a SNES alternative, Epiologue said there’s already a prototype in the works. This means if you have any SNES cartridges lying around, it may soon be possible to play those too. Of course, you might need to wait for some sort of bracket, unless you’re able to deal with old games dangling from your Steam deck.

The GB Operator sounds like a great attachment for that dose of Nintendo nostalgia on the go, and it could save you from splashing out on original hardware. Also, pairing the Game Boy set-up with the best Steam Deck dock means you can play retro handheld relics on a bigger screen, so you won’t have to switch over to your gaming PC to kick back.