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Gotham Knights is Steam Deck ready, says Warner Bros Montreal dev

Gotham Knights is a pretty demanding RPG that makes our gaming PC sweat, but Warner Bros Montreal praises how it runs on Valve's Steam Deck

Harley Quinn appears on the screen of a Steam Deck to the backdrop of Gotham Knights' Gotham City

One of the Gotham Knights devs has been singing the game’s praises on Steam Deck, even though there have been reports of technical issues. In particular, players have encountered obvious frame drops, so it seems surprising that a representative from Warner Bros Montreal is endorsing the release on the Valve handheld PC.

The tweet comes from one of Gotham Knights’ writers, Mitch Dyer, who says he continues to find “wonderful new animations” as well as “details and unique movements.” He summarises by saying he’s thoroughly enjoying playing it on Steam Deck.

We’re not sure what settings Dyer is playing on, but the PC specs are quite demanding and the console versions are locked at 30fps. One issue is a noticeable loss of frames when zipping through the titular city of Gotham. As such, it doesn’t quite compare to the best RPG games around, in terms of performance at least.

Our Gotham Knights review indicates that even running it on an Nvidia RTX 3070, the game occasionally struggles at 1080p despite being on medium settings. However, the one place it isn’t too demanding is in storage. At 45GB, it won’t ask too much of your hard-drive or SSD – unlike, say, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which will require 72GB.

Having said that, Warner Bros Montreal will probably want to throw some patches your way. In which case, if you’re wanting to play it on the Valve portable device, getting hold of the best Steam Deck SD card should alleviate additional storage concerns.

Maybe it’s understandable that Dyer would want to endorse the game they helped create, but it goes against what others have noticed. In essence, it would be surprising if it did run well on Steam Deck, but a pleasant surprise at least. If you are still interested in playing it on PC, make sure to check out the Gotham Knights system requirements before making a purchase.