How to check the Steam Deck compatibility of your Steam games

Valve has finally released an official tool that allows you to check your personal Steam library's compatibility with its Steam Deck handheld gaming PC.

How to check your Steam library's compatibility with the Steam Deck

We’re just two days away from the Steam Deck’s release date, and excitement surrounding Valve’s portable gaming PC has never been higher. However, many users remain uncertain as to how their Steam games will run on the Deck, if at all. Thankfully, Valve has finally deployed a means of checking the compatibility of your games ahead of launch.

You can visit the tool’s website here, but you’ll need your Steam login to hand in order to use it. It’s worth noting that while Valve is making steady progress in checking every Steam game, it still has a long way to go, so it’s worth looping back around to the site as new games get verified. Following the release of Proton 7, popular games like Monster Hunter Rise and Persona Golden 4 are finally playable on Deck.

You need to have a few details to hand in order to use the site, but we’ve put together a guide down below that you can follow.

Here’s how to check your Steam library’s Steam Deck compatibility:

  • Go to the ‘My Games‘ page within the Steam Deck branch of the Steam Store
  • Sign in with your Steam account

While we’re glad that Valve has deployed this tool, we do think it could take some cues from the community-built CheckMyDeck, particularly in how it presents percentages to the user.