This Steam Deck mod transforms the PC into a Game Boy Color

A new Steam Deck mod from JSAUX gives Valve's device a facelift that brings back nostalgic memories of Nintendo's handheld, the Game Boy Color.

Steam Deck mod jsaux game boy: A Steam Deck with a transparent purple case, illuminated by a purple background.

Building on its backplate design, this new transparent Steam Deck mod by JSAUX makes me feel like I’m being taken back to the 90s, and I’m all for it. Now, I can relive my childhood all over again with Valve’s handheld by making it look just like a Game Boy Color.

Posted over on its official subreddit, JSAUX unveiled its plans to release a fully transparent case for the Steam Deck. This mod allows you to customize the front and backplate with a see-through shell, putting the internals of the powerful handheld proudly on display as you play through your Steam library on the go.

The transparent case will be available in Krystal, Purple and Brown colorways, as shown in a video sent to Liam Dawe, over on GamingOnLinux. The purple case looks especially stylish, reminding me of that Atomic Purple Game Boy Color that just about everyone wanted in the 90s, myself included.

Mods like this are more than welcome, especially when we’re in the second year of the Steam Deck and yet still only have the option to buy the handheld in black. One of the main draws of handhelds for me is the level of personality you can bring to them, through personalized cases, thumbsticks and more. When you consider how the Steam Deck is aimed at PC gamers especially, who are not shy from customizing their hardware, it’s great to see companies like JSAUX give us those options we’re severely lacking through official means.

Steam Deck mod transforms the PC into a Game Boy Color: Parts included in the transparent case mod for the Steam Deck laid out on a flat surface.

JSAUX will also be unveiling information on a range of RGB-related products in the next few weeks, and already have a transparent backplate available on their website if you can’t wait to customize your Steam Deck. However, if it’s more cases you’re interested in, companies like eXtremeRate have teased a range of full housing shells for the Steam Deck in a variety of colors over on its official Twitter profile.

While customizable options like this are really cool to see, changing the front and black plate of your Steam Deck will involve taking the entire thing apart, which will not only void the warranty but could resort in damage. Always take caution when customizing your Steam Deck with third-party mods and accessories. If you want a safer option when customizing your Steam Deck, check out our list of the best Steam Deck skins.

I’ve been putting off getting a Steam Deck for a while. Not just because of the price, but the lack of a variety of colors available feels like a missed opportunity. But, as I look upon the transparent cases by JSAUX, I’m taken back to the time when all I wanted was the Atomic Purple Game Boy Color. So, maybe it’s the nostalgia talking, but it might be time for me to invest in another handheld.

Featured image credit: JSAUX / GamingOnLinux