Jsaux cancels RGB Steam Deck dock due to “leaked” designs

Steam Deck dock company Jsaux was due to launch an RGB model for Valve's handheld gaming PC, but has cancelled it, alleging that a competitor stole the designs

The Steam Deck sits in the now-cancelled Jsaux RGB Steam Deck dock

Jsaux, a well-known Steam Deck dock manufacturer, has issued a statement saying it’s cancelled its upcoming RGB product for the Valve handheld. The company states it was tipped off about a competitor developing a similar accessory, allegedly from “leaked” designs.

First reported by GamingOnLinux, Jsaux explained in a blog post that it was on the home stretch to release its new Steam Deck dock, but has now “abandoned the mould” and ceased operating with the factory. The post accuses a separate unnamed company of launching its own remarkably similar RGB dock, leading Jsaux to believe its rival was bold enough to “steal our plan from the factory.”

An image taken from Twitter, with the tweet allegedly coming from the accused party, shows a Steam Deck dock sporting flashing lights similar to the one Jsaux had in the works. The post also presents Jsaux’s Steam Deck dock during the design phase. One image shows the drawings and property information, which is said to have been created on July 19th. Another one from July 27th outlines the 3D design, with a screenshot showing when the patent was accepted, which dates back to August 9th.

The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom, as the firm says it’s working on a new RGB dock. The bad news is that you’ll need to wait quite a bit longer to light up your Steam Deck setup like a Christmas tree, as this will delay things by several months.

If the design has indeed leaked, as the post claims, this will be a blow for those who have been waiting for the new accessory. In terms of third-party products, Jsaux is one of the best Steam Deck dock manufacturers around, but it looks like the revelation hasn’t deterred the company too much.