This Steam Deck skin looks like ’70s woodgrain cosplay

A woodgrain Steam Deck skin has arrived, and it adds a natural flair to the portable gaming PC that'll leave you pining for the 1970s

Steam Deck with woodgrain backdrop wearing sunglasses and moustache

Steam Deck skins will help protect Valve’s portable gaming PC, but new wood covers could also add a hint of old-world flair to the handheld. While there’s nothing wrong with the system’s original plastic shell, there is something about a natural finish that brings a more harmonious and natural vibe to the portable powerhouse.

This particular Steam Deck skin comes from Toast, a Portland-based company that specialises in wood and leather covers for your gadgets. The fact that this Deck add-on comes in a variety of real wood flavours – including walnut, ebony, and maple – is noteworthy enough. However, It’s the way Toast’s accessory contours to the device that makes it pleasing to look at.

Being a wooden cover, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would probably look a bit jagged or unwieldy, or unable to smoothly wrap around the Steam Deck’s curves. Yet, the laser-cut skin fits the portable PC perfectly, thanks to a clever segmented design. The company says each variation is made from “eco-conscious” wood, so using one of the skins contributes to sustainability.

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Toast’s Steam Deck skin is clearly unique, especially since metals and plastics are now a design norm. Those of you who recall ye olden days of gaming will likely remember woodgrain consoles, like the one used to create this Atari 2600 gaming PC, and retro arcade cabinets with hardwood side panels. It’s needless to say that wood is quite a niche aesthetic, but companies like Toast seem hellbent on bringing it back.

With the official Steam Deck dock now out, and ever-expanding options for customisation, Valve’s handheld system is really kicking up a storm. There’s something to be said about switching up the device’s standard look for something a little more in-tune with nature. And again, those laser-etched contour lines really make the whole thing pop.

Who knows, perhaps Toast will release a woodgrain wrapper for the best Steam Deck dock. Failing that, you could always just fill your house with ’70s thrift store furniture finds.