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Steam Deck fan proves the sky isn’t actually the limit

A Steam Deck user flies among the clouds in an attempt to use the device while paramotoring, putting Valve’s handheld gaming PC altitude claims to the test

Steam Deck with parachute and mountain backdrop

Apparently, the Steam Deck is so versatile that it’s capable of flying, as a clip shows it hanging out in the clouds with a paramotoring enthusiast. It may seem an absurd idea, and it’s not exactly practical, but it’s at least a way of testing Valve’s own claims about how the handheld fairs at great heights.

The idea that you can take the Steam Deck anywhere forms part of its appeal, playing what is effectively a gaming PC on the go. But this portability is usually thought of in horizontal terms rather than vertical ones. With Valve making plans for a Steam Deck 2, who knows whether there’ll be even more bizarre versatility on the horizon.

On Reddit, user Bythion shares a sky-high photo, paramotoring hither and thither while still managing to hold onto their Steam Deck. During this trip, they whip out the device to capture the moment as they soar among the clouds, gripping the system as hard as they can while they gently fall back down to Earth.

Paramotorer holding Steam Deck with view of ground infront
mage source: Reddit/Bythion

According to comments on the thread, Bythion reached an altitude of 2,500ft and, because of the cold, thick gloves were a necessity. This meant holding onto the Valve powerhouse was a little more difficult, so it’s unlikely they were able to play any games while up there. They did say they’ll make another attempt in spring when the weather’s warmer.

For those who are wondering, the official Steam Deck help page says the device can be used at a maximum altitude of 3,500m, which is about 11,400ft. Given that Bythion’s airborne exploits convert to around 762m, their Deck was well below the recommended height threshold. Quite what happens beyond this point is up for debate.

Of course, there’s very little reason to use the handheld gaming PC that high up. In fact, given that planes cruise at tens of thousands of metres, Valve probably doesn’t want you using the Deck while travelling internationally anyway going off what’s said on the help page. With the likes of the best Steam Deck dock around and a cosy couch, maybe it’s best to keep playing games on the ground