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GPD Win 4 looks like a PSP, may be faster than the Steam Deck

Taking design cues from the much beloved PSP, the GPD Win 4 certainly looks the part of a Steam Deck challenger and it may have competitive specs too

The GPD Win 4, a potential Steam Deck competitor and undeniable PSP doppleganger, sits against a blue background

The seemingly never ending buzz surrounding the Steam Deck has fuelled interest in the handheld gaming PC market, and now it seems that the GPD Win 4 could be the next challenger to enter the space. While the device is yet to be formally announced, we now know what the system looks like, and it bears an uncanny resemblance to the much beloved PSP.

Over the last few days, YouTuber Cary Golomb has shared images of both the front and back of the GPD Win 4 on their Twitter account. There are a couple of immediately noticeable things that separate it from the Steam Deck, such as a physical keyboard nestled underneath its sliding six-inch screen and its multiple colour schemes.

Underneath its PSP-like exterior though lies specs that may make the GPD Win 4 faster than the Steam Deck. Golomb says that the device is about 20% faster than Valve’s portable powerhouse when both devices are limited to 15W, which likely indicates that it will use an AMD Ryzen 6000 series processor with RDNA 2 GPU cores.

There’s no word on when the GPD Win 4 release date will be, or how much it’ll cost, but it hopefully shouldn’t be too much longer until we get an official word on this Steam Deck competitor. In the meantime, you might want to check your reservation status as Valve may have moved your Steam Deck pre-order forward due to the company’s manufacturing process outperforming expectations.