OneXPlayer 2 costs more than twice as much as the Steam Deck

Starting at $899, the OneXPlayer 2 price is much higher than the Steam Deck but you're getting more powerful CPU and GPU hardware for your hard earned cash

The OneXPlayer 2 handheld gaming console

The number of Steam Deck competitors seems to grow by the day, and we now have further details on another potential challenger for the portable powerhouse. The OneXPlayer 2 is already understood to be a more powerful machine on paper, but this higher level of performance seemingly comes at a higher price.

Packing an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U and Radeon 680M, the OneXPlayer 2 should be able to play the best Steam Deck games better than Valve’s machine. It’ll need that extra horsepower, too, considering that it’ll be pushing double the amount of pixels with its 2560 x 1600 resolution. Needless to say, everything should look sharp and run smoothly.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to cough up more than twice the asking price of a Steam Deck in order to get your hands on the OneXPlayer 2. Starting at $899, you do at least get more RAM and storage space than you do on Valve’s machine, in addition to its other aforementioned advantages.

The OneXPlayer 2 IndieGoGo page goes live on December 20 and its manufacturer suggests that the first units will ship out to backers from March 2023.