Steam Deck receives fix from Valve to address Windows 11 crashes

Running Windows 11 on your Steam Deck should be much more stable now thanks to a new audio driver issued by Valve, but there's still no sign of dual-boot

A Steam Deck, with a Windows 11 bloom wallpaper on its display, against a pink-purple two-tone background

While the Steam Deck works best with its native Linux-based operating system, it is capable of running Windows 11 providing you’re willing to run it off a microSD card or overwrite your SteamOS installation. Even then, the experience isn’t perfect, and can at times result in crashes. Thankfully, it appears Valve may have found a way to make Microsoft’s OS a touch more stable on its portable gaming PC.

In a recent tweet, the company says it has identified the cause of “the” Windows 11 crashing issue on Steam Deck. In response, Valve has issued a new audio driver that is now accessible from the official ‘Steam Deck – Windows Resources‘ page on Steam.

While it’s great to see improvements being made for the Windows experience on Steam Deck, there’s unfortunately still no sign of when dual-boot will be made available. However, this can hopefully be made a greater priority for Valve now that it’s finally unleashed its official Steam Deck dock on to the market.

Dual-boot would greatly benefit users for several reasons, including the ability to access game streaming services more easily. If you’re wondering how to get Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck, follow the link to our guide. We’ve also got instructions on how to set up Nvidia GeForce Now on Steam Deck if that’s more your jam.