Steam Dev Days giant news blowout

Steam Dev Days

The press have been kept out of Valve’s Steam Dev Days, despite our hunger for news. But that hasn’t stopped us trawling Twitter for any and every titbit generously being thrown out there by excited developers (they all got a free Steam controller, so who can blame them?)

Consider this a repository of knowledge and tweets relating to the event, which we’ll contine to update throughout the day. 

Big numbers, but not totally surprising.

Has it really been all that useful, though? Greenlight initially seemed like a great way to knock down the impenetrable walls of Valve’s selection process, but it instantly devolved into chaos, with great games being rapidly buried under a pile of absolute crap. It’s big, unmanagable, and according to a lot of developers, very difficult to make an impact on.

The lifecycle of Greenlight has been one of mainly criticism, and scouring it now is like delving into a cesspit. Arguably, Early Access has been much more successful in generating interest in indie games, yet the process for that is not nearly as transparant as Greenlight. One expects Valve to have an alternative waiting in the wings, but if that’s the case, it’s not clear what it will be. Evolution is extremely vague.

Valve’s obviously serious about making Steam an integral part of people’s living room, directly competing with Microsoft’s bloated multimedia route.

VG24/7 got their hands on a pie chart breaking down regional sales, revealing a pretty even split between North America and Western Europe at 41 and 40 percent respectively.

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