Steam’s new DLC pages aim to make browsing Train Simulator content a breeze

Steam's got new pages to help make browsing DLC easier

The Steam store now offers a dedicated pages for DLC, which should make browsing add-on content much easier, especially for games with mountainous piles of extra content. The new features include the ability to browse DLC by popularity and release date – with relevant filters – and publishers can create lists of content that fit specific categories.

So if you’re browsing the thousand or so add-ons available for tabletop RPG program Fantasy Grounds, you can look specifically for supplements in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Call of Cthulhu. Microsoft Flight Simulator splits out between airports, cities, plane types, and the like. You can still browse full lists of content, sort by popular user tags, or specifically look for items that are on sale.

As noted by SteamDB, the first Steam announcement links out to some of the first games which take advantage of the features, and the dev-focused Steamworks post offers a bit more detail on how it works. Developers can choose what content to feature on the DLC page, whether that’s individual releases or lists in specific categories.

The long-awaited Steam UI redesign is about as much of a meme as Half-Life 3 at this point, but updates are coming in bits and pieces.

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Stuff like the Steam Chat update has given us minor alterations in how we interact with Steam, and maybe by the time the full rework is here it’ll have changed so slowly that we’ll have never noticed it.